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Members Only MMF Hydro Pre-Sale!

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Dear Team Members:

Excitement is building as we prepare to launch the newest addition to the Engage Global product line—MMF HYDRO.

MMF HYDRO will be formally launched at our member Fall Conference, September 16-17 at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah, but is available for pre-order beginning Monday, August 15th.

MMF HYDRO will offer all the amazing benefits of our original MMF product in a lite, citrus-flavored drink that speeds absorption, making MMF’s benefits immediately bio-available to your body. It will be available in units of 60 stick packs (60 servings) each. All you need to do is add a single pack to 8 -12 oz. of water, and its ready to consume!

During the pre-sale period—August 15th to September 15th—active members will be able to purchase two units of 60 stick packs bundled together for a total of 120 servings at a 10% discount over the normal wholesale price as long as original inventory lasts. The normal member price for this pack is $145, but during the pre-sale, the same bundle will be available to members for $130.

There is a limited number of 1,000 bundles available during the pre-sale period, so don’t delay—get your order in at your earliest possible convenience!! Pre-ordered product will be available for pick-up at the Fall Conference for those in attendance. The rest will be shipped out the week of September 19th, following the conference.

To pre-order MMF Hydro, call Customer Service at 801-655-4501 or visit your back office and place your order online.

We can’t wait for you to experience the fun, refreshing taste of MMF HYDRO and experience its power “at the speed of now”.


The Engage Global Team

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