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Engage Global is Pleased to Announce The Fast Start Club!

A limited time offer for you to join a very exclusive club. We call it The Fast Start Club!! Here’s how you become a member.

By midnight August 31st you must complete a Fast Start Cycle by enrolling three fast start members within a 30 day rolling period.

Help three personally sponsored, new or existing, Fast Start Members complete their own Fast Start Cycle.

You have 90 days to meet to those requirements and if you do, here is what YOU get!!

1. Fast Start Club Bonus. – This bonus will match the Fast Start Cycle bonus you were paid. We will pay this bonus on stage during the Fall Conference. There is no limit to the number of Fast Start Club Bonuses you can earn. Just repeat the steps to join the club and you earn another bonus!! So if your Fast Start Bonus is $1000 and you become a Fast Start Club Member you will earn another $1000. That’s a total of $2000 just in Fast Start Bonuses!!!

2. Fall Conference Tickets. – Fast Start Club members will receive 5 VIP tickets to the Fall Conference in September. VIP tables will be clearly designated at the front of the hall and reserved only for Fast Start Club members. ($250 value)

3. Special Cruise Dinner. – On our cruise to the tropics in January Jason & David will host a special dinner for Fast Start Club members at which company plans for 2016 will be discussed. You will be the first to know about some big plans for 2016!!

4. Plaque at Engage Global HQ. – All Fast Start Club members will be featured on a special plaque with their name. This plaque will be hung at Engage Global HQ in Provo, Utah and will feature the names of our Club Members and forever memorialize them as the foundation of Engage Global’s success.

5. Special Recognition. – To celebrate Fast Start Club membership we will announce the names of Fast Start Club members to the entire Engage Global family. Everyone will have a chance to celebrate your achievement!!

6. Fast Start Club Pin. – Fast Start Club members will receive a special pin that identifies and celebrates their success as a member of the exclusive Fast Start Club.

The Fast Start 2nd Level Bonus

During the months of June, July, and August Engage Global is also announcing a 2nd generation bonus paid from the Fast Start Packs ($50) and Fast Start Builder Packs ($100) sponsored by your personally-sponsored members. Here is how it works:

1. A personally sponsored Fast Start Member enrolls a new member with a Fast Start Pack ($500) you will earn a $50 bonus.

2. A personally sponsored Fast Start Member enrolls a new member with a Fast Start Builder Pack ($1000) you will earn a $100 bonus.

As you can see earning a bonus on what your personally sponsored members are doing can add up very quickly leading to some very nice bonuses!!

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