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Concussive Injury Recovery with Micronutrients

We’ve gotten some great feedback from people who’ve taken MMF® after suffering a concussion. Even those who are at higher risk of receiving concussions (football players, soldiers, etc..) should be on a micronutrient supplement regimen as studies show it can provide faster recovery and protection.

Concussions can cause inflammation, pain, poor health and worse. A blast that typically causes a head concussion in humans will kill rats. But rats fed the micronutrient formulation in MMF® for 7 days prior to a concussive blast were completely protected with no enzymatic damage visible in the bloodstream. (collaboration with Naval Medical Research Center, Silver Spring, MD)

Blast Injury – Concussion Study

U.S. Marines who suffered traumatic brain injuries from concussive blasts during combat in Iraq participated in a prospective, randomized, double-blind clinical trial after being returned to the USA. The control group received standard treatment (steroids, physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation and supportive care) for 12 weeks. The study group received the same standard care plus our MMF® Formulation during the same period.

The supplemented group demonstrated more rapid and complete recovery than did the control group even though our Formulation was not consumed until well after the concussions were suffered. Postural stability, dynamic gait index, and dizziness handicap scores significantly improved, and this improvement grew in significance through the end of the study.

The study group also demonstrated a significant increase in energy level, exercise tolerance and cognitive ability at every weekly time point with no adverse side effects. (in collaboration with the Naval Medical Center, San Diego, CA)

Corollary: Laboratory study. Our Formulation was administered orally to rats for seven days prior to receiving the equivalent of a concussion-producing blast in humans (which would cause a significant rise in markers of severe inflammation in the bloodstream.)

Supplementation demonstrated a dramatic protective effect by completely preventing the rise of inducible nitric oxide synthase, a critical enzymatic marker of the inflammatory cascade in the blood of the animals.

In addition, the supplementation did not adversely affect certain enzymatic markers of oxidative damage such a hemeoxygenase-1 and superoxide dismutase. (in collaboration with the Naval Medical Research Center, Silver Spring, MD)

Human Trial Summaries

Try a 2-4 week sample of MMF®

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