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Bonus Incentives For February 1st through April 30th!

For those building a business around MMF and Engage Global, we are being offered some amazing incentives until April 30th!

Here’s the details:

90 Day Autoship Bonus:

First we want to reward those members who help their new people enroll in our autoshipment program. From February 1st through April 30th whenever you sign up a new member with an autoship you can earn an extra $25 bonus for every 100 volume when that autoship processes.

Example 1: February 3rd Bob enrolls Suzanne as a new member. She selects a 4 pack of MMF on autoship generating 200 Volume. When that 1st autoshipment is processed, March 3rd, Bob earns a commission of $50. ($25 for each 100 volume, 200 Volume = $50 Bonus)

Example 2: Suzanne enrolls Grant on February 10th. Grant selects a 2 pack autoship of MMF generating 100 Volume. On March 10th when that autoship processes, Suzanne earns a commission of $25.

90 Day Leadership Bonus:

Second we recognize that leadership is an integral part of this business and we want to help inspire and motivate those who are looking to take their business to the next level. Starting February 1st continuing through April 30th a 20% Leadership Bonus will be available to anyone who can personally generate $5,000 or more in new product sales with the following SKUs; 33600 Fast Start Pack, 33500 Liberty Pack and 3377 Freedom Pack.

Example 1: In February Bob generates $6,000 in personal product sales. Earning a Leadership Bonus of $1,200 in addition to his regular commissions. In March Bob generates $3,000 in product sales. Since Bob hit the $5,000 mark in February the 20% bonus is still in play. This earns him an additional Leadership Bonus of $600 on the $3,000 in sales in addition to all regular commissions. Bob will also earn 20% on whatever he sells in April.

Example 2: In February Suzanne generates $3,000 in personal product sales. She earns a normal commission with no bonus in March. However; in March she generates $8,000 in personal product sales. She will earn a $2,100 Leadership Bonus plus her regular commissions in April. She earns $2,100 because her cumulative total is $11,000 in personal product sales. In April she generates $8,000 in personal sales. Suzanne earns a $1,600 Leadership Bonus.

These bonuses are in place because we believe in rewarding those who work hard and are dedicated to building this business with us. We know you can do it and look forward to writing lots and lots of checks to get these bonuses in your hands.

We are also pleased to announce that we have created a new pack titled the Fast Start Builder Pack that will help you earn these bonuses.

The Fast Start Builder Pack is priced at $1000 and includes 19 boxes of MMF. This pack is as the name implies, a Fast Start Pack. It works just the same as the $500 Fast Start but instead of paying out $500 if you sell three Fast Start Builder Packs it will pay out $1000. You can also earn a prorated bonus if you combine the two packs. As an example if sold one $500 pack and two $1000 pack your bonus would be $833.67. This is a great way to get started with Engage Global, as you will automatically rank advance to Liberty 2.

We have want to let everyone know that we are resetting each and every members Fast Start eligibility. That’s right, everyone as of right now is Fast Start qualified. In addition everyone is QEB qualified. Everyone can earn the $600 bonus that comes with enrolling a new member with the Freedom Pack.

So many exciting things are happening and we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities for 2015. We hope you see it too and are ready to take advantage of this incredible product we call MMF and the amazing opportunity that the Engage Global Flex Plan provides.

This is the best time ever to boost your income and get your business growing!

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